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Building Retail Footfall

Helping transform your in-store sales performance by increasing in-store conversion rates, average spend and repeat business.

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Advanced Selling Programs

Advanced Clientelling Skills in
Luxury Retail

This course is designed to take sales teams' skills in luxury retail environments to the next level to face the challenges of a new market.


It presents practical and tested techniques designed to complement the brand’s image, selling ceremonies and customers’ purchasing behaviours.


Every participant would leave the course with a 3-month plan to implement learnings and ensure ongoing career progress and self-development. 

Duration: Full Day 9 AM till 5 PM including 3 breaks

Building Retail Footfall 

Magnetise Your Store: Advanced Strategies for creating footfall in luxury retail

Unlock the Secret to Creating Footfall in Luxury Fashion and Jewellery Retail:


A Transformational Course for Sales Professionals with a dynamic, interactive training experience specifically crafted for those in the luxury fashion and jewellery sector.


This course is the key to mastering the art of attracting a steady stream of high-value customers to your store. Through a series of expert-led workshops and real-world case studies, participants will learn innovative strategies for locating, segmenting, contacting and attracting relevant potential customers in the geographic area where they trade.

Our program goes beyond traditional sales training, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities within the luxury market.


The result is a complete store transformation into a destination that captivates and inspires, driving unparalleled footfall and elevating the teams' careers in the world of luxury retail.

Duration: Half Day 3.5 hrs

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